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Dear Franklin County Neighbors,

Here’s a great opportunity to do something that’s fairly easy to help the movement against the pipeline!  Write a letter to FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) which has the final say in permitting pipelines (then send copies to Gov. Baker and to all our legislators).  Because we are still in the early part of the pre-filing stage of the process, the letter to FERC does NOT need to be technical or detailed.  (A formal, technical comment period is expected in May.)  So even for those of us who are worried that we may not know enough about the issue, here’s a terrific chance to make some real impact, even with minimal knowledge, and just a little effort.

Pens, paper, postcards, envelopes, and stamps should be provided at letter writing events if you can manage.  Some have asked people to BYOS (Bring your own stamp).

If you cannot attend these events, please write this letter on your own!  The letter should be your narrative, in your own words, about why you oppose the pipeline.  It can be as long or as short as you wish.  But, please write your own thoughts and comments.  Multiple letters with identical wording are likely to be disregarded.  Just for inspiration, some talking points are attached, along with instructions for both snail mail letters and online letters.  Remember to include the Docket # PF14-22.

(After you’ve written to FERC, it would be great to send copies to Gov. Baker and all our legislators.)

We are the movement!  Please pass this on to your networks!  If you believe that eminent domain should not be for private gain, if you love our rural landscape, and if you believe that global warming might decide the fate of the earth,  tell FERC and our government leaders to stop this pipeline!

Your Deerfield neighbors