Activist Resource Materials

This is where you can download materials needed to get activists organized and active in your town.

What Makes Up A Pipeline?
(Full color, letter size, folds into four-page “booklet”. Can easily be run in black and white as well)

Is This Pipeline Really Needed?
(Full color, letter size, folds into four-page “booklet”. Can easily be run in black and white as well)


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Burden of Proof: the Case Against the Proposed NED Pipeline
Our 30 page white paper on why the pipeline is the wrong direction for the Northeast
Print your own to share with town officials and lawmakers if you like.

Understanding and Using FERC
(2-sided, cut in half for hand-out flyers)

Just Say No! – Information for Landowners
(Single sided, letter size)

The Real Story Behind Utility Rate Hikes
(Double sided, letter size)

Pipeline Info Half-page Info Sheet – Up to date as of 10/7/14
(2-sided, cut in half for hand-out info flyers)

MassPLAN Jobs Info Handout
(2-sided, cut in half for hand-out flyers)

Compressor Station Stats Handout
(1-sided, letter size, black and white)

Compressor Station Size Facts
(1-sided, letter size, black and white or color)

Farmers’ Declaration of Opposition
A sign-on letter for farmers and their customers who are opposed to the pipeline.

Businesses Opposed to the Pipeline – Sign On
Fill out the form to have your business listed as part of the opposition to the proposed pipeline. We will list your business at and elsewhere in our campaign.
» Print-out sign up sheet here.
Go door to door with these if you wish!

Great for quick hand-outs in a crowd.
Info Business-Cards
All the basics, made to fit those tear-off business card sheets. Print 1 side for the basics, or two for more explanation and a link to the petition.
Info Post Cards
All the basics, two sided. Letter size sheet cuts into four 4.25″ x 5.5″ cards

» FERC Comment Post Cards for Connecticut Expansion
» FERC Comment Post Cards for AIM

» Landowners Deny Permission to Survey Letter
» Landowners Rescind Permission to Survey Letter

“Yard Sign” Design as a JPEG 
If you need this graphic as a scalable EPS, just contact Rose.
Stencil-Style “Yard Sign”
Designed by some folks who are re-painting  previously-used signs. Reduce, Reuse – Repurpose!

Some listed here for ideas on creating your own, others are download-and-use
Mailing List Sign-up Sheet
“Blank” Meeting posters with region-adjusted graphics for Western, Central and Eastern MA areas, (fill in with your own information).

Pipeline Ban / Pro-Sustainable Energy Town Resolution – originally written for Cummington, but now adapted and passed in many Massachusetts towns
Pipline Ban / Pro-Sustainable Energy Town Resolution – editableTXT format sample for easy edits for your town or city
Community Rights  Resolution from Ashfield that some towns are using as a template.
You’ll need to contact your local select board or city council to see how to get it up for a vote at town meeting. That usually includes getting a base number of signatures before submitting to the select board. There’s usually a deadline date before town meeting for submitting the Resolution and signatures for review by the select board. These vary town by town, so make sure to check with local officials.
— See more resolution texts on our Town Meetings Page
Remember, next year is not too late if they missed this year’s annual town meeting; you can also gather signatures for a special town meeting.

Information for Conservation Commissions at MACC
“Tennessee Gas Pipeline, a Kinder Morgan company, has proposed a new natural gas pipeline that would go from the New York State line across northern Massachusetts to Dracut. We have been approached by a number of conservation commissions asking about commission options if the pipeline were to go through wetland resource areas or conservation land and whether commissions must allow surveys across property they control or manage. We expect to meet with representatives of Kinder Morgan this month (April) to get information about the proposed project. We plan to share the information with conservation commissions and provide options for commissions to consider.
Please email MACC if your commission is interested in this issue.” Contact: Executive Director, Eugene Benson

 Letters to Rescind Permission to Survey

The FERC Citizen’s Guide
Important information on the FERC Permitting process

To the Editor, to elected officials …

How the FERC process works
If you’re wondering about the FERC permitting process that eventually gives the gas company eminent domain, FERC’s own video is a helpful introduction.

A great layman’s description of the legal structure involved
From CELDF, a description of why local and state laws are preempted in cases like this, how the legal structure works and a discussion of rights-based ordinances as an alternative solution

» Energy Factor Conversion Chart
Can’t tell your dekatherms from your cubic feet? Great conversion chart and link to online calculator