Rolling March to the Statehouse

Feel free to contact organizers, Julia or Mary to sign up, join in or ask any questions. Schedule below: (average of about 7-8 miles per day).

WALKERS — Remember to bring water, sun protection, rain gear, a snack, and hopefully some to spare for your fellow walkers!!  And don’t forget to invite your State and Congressional Legislators and the Governor to events happening along the walk in your town.

Post your photos or video from the walk on our Tumblr account if you’d like to share!Visit the Tumblr Blog to see the walk so far. 🙂

Thursday, July 24- Tyngsboro
3:30PM to approximately 5:00PM

In the event of thunderstorms or dangerous weather, the walk may be rescheduled for Friday, July 25 at 3:30 pm.

As of the evening of Wednesday, July 23, multiple current weather forecasts for July 24 range from fine weather for the March through strong wind, rain, and more troubling, lightning, a decision will be made on Thursday early afternoon as to whether or not the March will take place on Thursday, or, with the same starting time and details, on Friday, July 25. Keep checking this website for updates, or send an email to requesting an update.


The walk will start at 3:30 pm at the Flints Corner Plaza parking lot,  150 Westford Road (at the corner of Wesford Road and Dunstable Road). Cars should be parked nearest that intersection to be furthest from the storefronts of the shops. The walk will proceed east  along Westford Road, on the south-eastern margin, avoiding part of the interchange with Route 3 at its Exit 34 intersection with Westford Road.

The path of the march is downhill for this segment and crosses a point at which the latest TGP/Kinder Morgan pipeline placement information suggests the pipeline would be built to cross under Westford Road. This part of the walk proceeds to the intersection of Westford Road with Middlesex Road (Route 3A). At that intersection is Sullivan Farms Home Made Ice Cream, at which snacks may be bought. (If people wish to walk only that segment, approximately 1.2 miles, cars for a return to Flints Corner may be left waiting in the parking lot behind the Bridgeview Market and Restaurant, behind the Sullivan Farms parking lots.)

The next leg of the march, approximately 1/2 mile, will be north along Middlesex Road (Route 3A), on the west margin of the road. There are relatively open lawns across the front of the Academy of Notre Dame High School campus, and then there is a pedestrian sidewalk proceeding further north. The route continues to the intersection of Kendall Road (Route 113) on the west and the entrance to the Tyngsboro Bridge to the east. Continuing across Kendall Road, the march proceeds on the remainder of the sidewalk until it is adjacent to the historic buildings on Middlesex Road, the northernmost one is the Littlefield Library. (The parking lot behind Littlefield Library can be used for cars parked to return marchers back to Flints Corner — the access driveway is a little beyond the Library off of Middlesex.)

Marchers may return to Flints Corner by reversing the path, approximately 3 1/2 miles in total march length, with the last part proceeding uphill.

Saturday, July 26- Dracut
Saturday, July 26th, Dracut/Tyngsboro Pipeline Watch is hosting an event to end the “Rolling March against the Pipeline” Here in Dracut we will pick up the baton filled with signatures from Tyngsboro and hand it over to those taking it to the Statehouse Rally in Boston on July 30.

This is the plan…we are planning 3 places to join with the walkers at various times, and those who want to just attend may join us at Noon in the forest. Please enter from Althea Ave to Trotting park rd. 1/4 mi. walk in.

Those wishing to walk the complete walk, will park behind the Dracut high School and walk up to the gazebo (outside Englesby School) on the lawn by Lakeview Ave. at 10:30 AM. We will rally at the gazebo for about half hour and plan to start the march @ 11 AM along the sidewalk down Lakeview Ave. ( the walk is about 4 miles to the Lowell/ Dracut State forest.)

At Dunkin’ donuts at the corner of Lakeview Ave and Mammoth Rd more people may add in, parking in the town school offices across the st. We will rally outside on the sidewalks for a bit. From there, it is approx. 2 1/2 mi. to the state forest. We plan to leave from Dunkin’s at 11:30 AM.

We will then travel to the end of Lakeview Ave, turn right onto Nashua Rd. by Mike’s Ice Cream. From there we take the first left onto Tyngsboro Rd and walk til we meet County Rd. On the left is an old church parking lot (corner of Tynsboro and County rds) Where people might also join in for the last leg of the walk into the forest. From here the walk is about 1 1/4 mi. We will walk up County Rd., left onto Althea Ave., left onto Trotting PArk Rd. There is some parking here for those who wish to just join the event in the forest. It is a flat walk into the woods, approx. 1/4 mi.

Bring your signs for the walk! Bring a picnic lunch and blanket (bug spray, hat?) for the forest. Be entertained by our local musicians “Jammin” the pipeline. (contact Bob Jette if you wish to join). Add your photos of those you fight this pipeline for to our “Faces in Peril” banner, head and shoulder photos, no names, notes attached to back to a banner to be carried to the statehouse. If you cannot attend please mail your photos to Julie Jette@ 33 Prides Crossing, Dracut, Ma 01826. We have some great speakers! I hope you will enjoy!!

Wednesday, July 30th
Rally at the Statehouse

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-On July 30th, we’ll deliver the petitions to the statehouse, and a rally will be held from 11:00 am- 1:00 pm on the statehouse steps and across the Boston Common.  We (pipeline opponents from around the state) imagine this being populated by any citizens and organizations who have been waiting to bring this fight to the State House.

Details still emerging – for details contact Mary

Help the organizers plan by RSVP’ing HERE. Not required, but helps with planning.

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