NED – Selected Comments

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» Statistical Anaylsis of FERC Comments

Selected examples of comments sent to Docket #PF14-22 for the Northeast Energy Direct pipeline proposal
» MA State Reps Jones, Lyons, Cole, Whipps-Lee &Harrington, express concern, 9/3/15
» Town of Sharon, NH expresses opposition, 8/20/15
» Farmington Valley Health, Hartford & Fairfield Co., CT, 8-14-15
» Multiple organizations call for later and more convenient location for FERC Scoping Hearings 5/22/15
» FERC’s comments to KM about insufficiency of Resource Report and communication with stakeholders 5/15/15
» Town of Pelham NH declares opposition to NED 5/15/15
» Sec. of EEA comments on NED
» Nature Conservancy Comments, 3/18/15
» TGP Response to request to delay, 1/16/15
» Comments by Betty Anders, 1/2/15
» Comments by Janice Fiandaca, 12/13/14
» Comments by MassPLAN, 11/21/14
» Comment by Joseph Wallace, 10/23/14
» Comment by Cara Sanford, 10/4/14
» Comments by Greg Fishbone, 10/1/14
» Townsend Conservation Commission, 9/29/14
» C. Sellars on Company’s Response re: Maps, 9/29/14
» TGP response on Maps, 9/25/14
» Carolyn Sellars of Townsend, on Outdated Maps 9/19/14

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NH PUC and MA DPU Comments
» NH Municipal Pipeline Coalition comments on Liberty Utilities, 7/21/15

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