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— UPDATE: June 25, 2014 —
TGP / Kinder Morgan has, for the time being, decided to forgo DPU petition to obtain access to land against landowner wishes. They will instead pre-file with FERC with incomplete surveys, not including lands for which permission has been denied. Whether or not they will seek access through DPU at a later time is currently unclear.  The following information may still be useful in the event that they do.

Lots of landowners who have denied the initial request to survey have recently received second letter (sample here), stating that the pipeline company would like you to comply, or they will take the case to the DPU.  This request that they’ll file with the DPU is still just for permission to survey, NOT for easement rights to your property. That is still another process.
You can still deny permission, and they will be forced to go through DPU process to gain access for survey.

DPU has advised that landowners will have an opportunity to participate in hearings if Kinder Morgan/TGP files a petition at the DPU to access land for permission to survey.

We’ve been in contact with the DPU, but have received very little information beyond that stated above. We recommend that landowners contact the DPU directly to ask their own questions about the hearing process. Cc’ing your Legislators on communications with the DPU can bring the issue to their attention as well. If you receive a response, please feel free to share it with us, so that we can compile information.

Daniel P. Collins, Chief of Staff
Department of Public Utilities
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If the DPU grants the pipeline company permission to survey after all, this is what the report looks like:
» Sample DPU Order Granting Permission to Survey This order is from February 2014 concerning TGP’s proposed Connecticut Expansion, which would impact landowners in southern Berkshire and Hampden Counties.

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