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While No Fracked Gas in Mass is deeply concerned and watchful of the events surrounding the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline, we are still busy full time fighting pipelines here in the Northeast and may not always be able to have the latest developments posted on this page.

With most major news outlets not covering the events in North Dakota, it’s best to follow this quickly evolving and complex battle by searching social media like Facebook and Twitter, or even on Google using the hashtags #NoDAPL and #RezpectOurWater.

We also recommend the following news outlets which have been covering the story most thoroughly:
» No DAPL blog
» Indian Country Today Media Network
» Sacred Stone Camp. org
» Democracy Now

One of the better overviews of the legal challenge
Legal review from Stanford

» DAPL easement approved by Army Corp of Engineers
by Linda Black Elk & press release from Indigenous Rising
February 7, 2017

» Native Americans expect nothing good from Trump…
by Tristan Ahtone, Al Jarzeera
January 20, 2017

» Judge rules Dakota Access study can move forward
By Devin Henry, The Hill
January 18, 2017

Statement from Sacred Stone Camp
January 18, 2017
In District Court today, Judge Boasberg denied DAPL’s request for a Temporary Restraining Order to stop the EIS process from going forward! Also today, the US Army Corps officially filed their intent to prepare the EIS – but only on Lake Oahe. What need is a FULL Environmental Impact Statement that assesses the risk for the entire length of the Dakota Access Pipeline, and the millions of people a rupture would endanger!
» Read the USACE notice here

» Dakota Access pipeline activists say police have used ‘excessive’ force
by Sam Levin, the Guardian
January 18, 2017

Police attack on Water Protector’s side of the barricades
January 18, 2017
(*Warning – language, unedited violence)

» National Guard Deploys Missile Launchers to Dakota Access Pipeline to ‘Observe’ Protestors
David Axe, Daily Beast
January 17, 2017

Facebook update from Irina Lukban
January 16, 2017

Photos by Irina Lukban, used with permission

Today on the frontlines I got doused in mace, tear gassed, hit in the head with a riot shield, suffered a concussion, and got right back up and stood on the front lines with no resentment. Eventually, the mace got to me and I vomited and had to be taken to medical in Oceti on a snow mobile (thanks for the monetary donations) where I am currently being monitored, but all I want to do is get back out there with my brothers and sisters.

As we walk in peaceful prayer, we are not afraid. We stand in the face of police and military with full knowledge that they are still human. We are one in the same. It’s an honor to stand with my family – mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, dogs, children, grandparents, veterans, pacifists, etc. Your militant forces will not stop us. We will not back down. We fight for justice, respect, love. We will not back down. We fight for north, south, east, west. We will not back down. We fight for water, we fight for Pachamama, we fight for life. We will not back down.
Mni Wiconi

» Here’s a new way to fight the Dakota Access Pipeline
by Jake Tracy, Grist.org
Jan 13, 2017

» Governor says Dakota Access pipeline will likely be built under Trump
by Max Greenwood, the Hill
January 13, 2017

» Chase Iron Eyes On Birth Of New Standing Rock Sacred Fire
TYT Politics
December 11, 2016

» The Standing Rock Medic & Healer Council explains the medical & health situation at the Dakota Access Pipeline Resistance Camps (Oceti Sakowin, Sicangu/Rosebud, Sacred Stone, etc.) in light of the ongoing blizzard conditions and 1806 police roadblock.
» Please read the press release
December 6, 2016

» Standing Rock Sioux Chairman, David Archambault asks protesters to go home
by CAROLINE GRUESKIN, Bismarck Tribune
December 6, 2015
Article includes video statement from Chairman Archambault

» Read Chairman Archambault’s official statement

» As Construction Starts Near Standing Rock Restarts, Pipeline Fights Flare Across the U.S.
by: Alleen Brown, The Intercept
February 19, 2017

» White House Temporarily Freezes EPA Grants, Contracts
by: Valerie Volcovici & Richard Valdmanis, Reuters
January 24, 2017

» Canada Oil Pipeline Spills 200,00 Liters on Aboriginal Land
by: Ethan Lou & Alastair Sharp, Reuters
January 24, 2017

» Trump Signs Order to Move Controversial Oil Pipelines Forward
by: Steve Holland and Valerie Volcovici, Reuters
January 24, 2017

» Trump Pins Keystone, Dakota Pipeline Fate on Renegotiation
by: Jennifer A Dlouhy, Meenal Vamburkar & Jennifer Jacobs, Bloomberg
January 24, 2017

» North Dakota Landowners Sue Over Pipeline Easement Payments
by: Timothy Mclaughlin, Reuters
January 20, 2017

» US Army to Begin Environmental Study of Dakota Pipeline
by: Timothy Mclaughlin, Reuters
January 18, 2017

» Dakota Access Protest Policing Costs Exceed $22M
by: Blake Nicholson, Associated Press/The Seattle Times
January 10, 2017

» Tribe, Corps Side Against Dakota Access Pipeline in Court Claim on Permits
by: Lauren Donovan, Grand Forks Herald
January 9, 2017

» Dakota Access Pipeline Supporter Will Head the Senate’s Indian Affairs Committee
by: Hannah Gold, Jezebel
January 8, 2017

» More Dakota Access Pipeline Protestors Arrested
by: Jessica Holdman, Bismark Tribune
January 7, 2017

» Federal Grand Jury Looks into Violent Class at Dakota Access Pipeline Protes
Associated Press, Los Angeles Times
January 4, 2017

» Dakota Pipeline Protesters, Nearby Residents Brace for 2017
by: Amy Sisk, NPR
January 4, 2017

» ‘Not in My Bayou’: Local Group Prepares to Protest Local Pipeline
by: Lex Talamo, Shreveport Times
January 3, 2017

» Parting Words from Protesters
by: Makeda Easter, Los Angeles Times
January 2, 2017

» Two Dakota Access Pipeline Protestors Scaled the Indoor Heights of U.S. Bank Stadium During Vikings Game
by: Rochelle Olson, Star Tribune (Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN)
January 1, 2017

» 10 Indigenous and Environmental Struggles–And How You Can Help in 2017
by: The Indigenous #NoDAPL Coalition, Yes! Magazine
January 1, 2017

» Standing Rock Activists Eye Pipeline Finances to Cement Dakota Access Win
by: Sam Levin & Julia Carrie Wong, The Guardian
December 29, 2016

» Five Arrested for Trespassing at Dakota Pipeline Protest Site
by: Timothy Mclaughlin, Reuters
December 28, 2016

» SWAT Team Called to Dakota Access Pipeline Protests, 5 Arrested for Trespassing
Forum News Service, Grand Forks Herald
December 28, 2016

» Enbridge Stalls on Dakota Access Purchase
by: Brooks Johnson, Duluth News Tribune
December 23, 2016

» Blackstone in talks to Buy Stake in Energy Transfer Assets
by: Lauren Hirsch & Divya Grover, Reuters
December 23, 2016

» With Dakota Access in Limbo, More Bakken Crude to Move on Trains
by: Liz Hampton, Reuters
December 22, 2016

» IEEFA Update: More Weaknesses Seen in Companies Behind the Dakota Access Pipeline Project: A proposed sale is delayed, developers’ revenues are down, credit ratings are poor, and cash is in short supply
by: Cathy Kunzel, Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis
December 21, 2016

» IEEFA Update: More Weaknesses Seen in Companies Behind the Dakota Access Pipeline Project: A proposed sale is delayed, developers’ revenues are down, credit ratings are poor, and cash is in short supply
by: Cathy Kunzel, Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis
December 21, 2016

» Dakota Pipeline Standoff Echoes in Texas
by: Lorne Matalon, KPBS (San Diego, CA)
December 20, 2016

» How Standing Rock’s Divest Campaign Can Stop Future Pipelines
by: Colby Devitt, Yes! Magazine
December 16, 2016

» Pipeline Spill Adds to Concerns About Dakota Access Pipeline
by: Leigh Paterson, NPR
December 15, 2016

» Protesters in Amherst, MA lock down TD Bank
December 15, 2016

» North Dakota law enforcement sends angry letter to Obama administration
by: Tia Streeter, MyND Now
December 12, 2016

» Inspired by Standing Rock, West Texans Take Action to Fight Another Pipeline
by: Sasha von Oldershausen, The Nation
December 9, 2016

» IEEFA Update: The Public-Relations Disaster That Is the Dakota Access Pipeline
by: Karl Cates, Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis
December 9, 2016

» Court to consider forcing approval of Dakota Access pipeline
by: Timothy Cama, the Hill
December 9, 2016

» Energy Transfer Pipeline Targeted in West Texas Pipeline Protest
by: Liz Hampton, Reuters
December 7, 2016

» Our View: Solidarity with Sioux yields right outcome
Editorial, South Coast Today
December 7, 2016

» Energy Transfer Partners Keeps up Legal Pressure After Pipeline Defeat
by: Mica Rosenberg & Ernest Schnyder, Reuters
December 6, 2016

» Pipeline delays cost builder millions, risking contract loss
by: DAVID PITT, Associated Press
December 6, 2016

» Trump Supports Completion of Dakota Access Pipeline
by: Valerie Volcovici, Reuters
December 5, 2016

» Trump Advisors Aim to Privatize Oil-Rich Indian Reservations
by: Valerie Volcovici, Reuters
December 5, 2016

» Veterans at Standing Rock shock tribe members, beg forgiveness for war crimes against tribal nations
by: Jen Hayden, Daily Kos  
December 5, 2016

» Unions Denounce ‘Gutless’ Decision to Halt Dakota Access Construction
by: Connor D. Wolf, Inside Sources
December 5, 2016

» Standing Rock Leader Asks Those Who Are Not Sioux To Leave Pipeline Protest Area
by: Rebecca Hersher, NPR
December 5, 2016

» DAPL Easement Denied, But The Fight’s Not Over
Sacred Stone Camp
December 5, 2016

» As Thousands of Vets Descend on Standing Rock, U.S. Army Backs Down and Halts Pipeline Construction
Democracy Now
December 05, 2016

» Army will not grant easement for Dakota Access Pipeline crossing
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
December 4, 2016

» Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s Statement on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Decision to Not Grant Easement
Posted on December 4, 2016

» Energy Transfer Partners and Sunoco Logistics Partners Respond to the Statement from the Department of the Army
Press Release, Energy Transfer Partners
December 4, 2016

» Federal Officials to Explore Different Route for Dakota Pipeline
by: Jack Healy, Nicholas Fandos, The New York Times
December 4, 2016

» Senator Heitkamp issues statement on DAPL construction being halted
Valley News Live
December 04, 2016
“… today’s move doesn’t actually bring finality to the project. The pipeline still remains in limbo. The incoming administration already stated its support for the project …”

» Army Corps of Engineers Denies Dakota Access Pipeline Route
by: Daniel A. Medina and Chiara Sottile, NBC News
December 4 2016

» Standing Rock Protestors Celebrate as Dakota Pipeline Easement Denied:  Army Corps of Engineers recommends pipeline “explore alternate routes,” denies construction permits
by: Daniel Kreps, Rolling Stone
December 4, 2016

» The victory at Standing Rock could mark a turning point
by: Bill McKibben, the Guardian
December 4, 2016

» At Least 2,000 Veterans Arrive at Standing Rock to Protest Dakota Pipeline
by: Michael Edison Hayden, Catherine Thorbecke, Evan Simon, ABC News
December 4, 2016

» Thousands of Veterans Descend on Standing Rock to Protect and Serve
by: Indian Country Today Media Network
December 4, 2016

» Elizabeth Warren comments on Standing Rock
December 4, 2016

» Showdown Looms at Dakota Access Pipeline Protest as Vets, Civil Rights Observers Converge Before Evacuation Deadline
by: Catherine Thorbecke, ABC News
December 3, 2016

» As Winter Nears, Dakota Access Faces Frigid Weather and Costly Delays
by: Liz Hampton & Ernest Scheduler, Reuters
December 2, 2016

» Stanford experts discuss legal and environmental challenges at Standing Rock
By Devon Ryan, Stanford News
December 2, 2016

» North Dakota Backs Away from Checking Cars Headed to Pipeline Protest
by: Terry Sylvester, Reuters
November 30, 2016

» Battle Over an Oil Pipeline: Teaching About the Standing Rock Sioux Protests
November 30, 2016

» Standing with Standing Rock at Bank of America, Amherst, MA
Video by Andy Morris-Friedman

» Officials to Close Standing Rock Protest Campsite
by: Christopher Mele, New York Times
November 26, 2016

» Governor suspends sheriff, pending removal
by: Lauren Donovan, Bismarck Tribune
November 25, 2016

» Father of Activist Injured at Standing Rock Calls on Obama to Stop Dakota Access Pipeline Drilling
Democracy Now
November 23, 2016

» Veterans to deploy for Standing Rock
by: Sophie Lewis, CNN
November 23, 2016

» West Roxbury Pipeline Protester Injured at Standing Rock: at risk of losing her arm
by: Alison Bauter, West Roxbury Patch
November 22, 2016

» Energy Transfer MLPs Sunoco Logistics and ETP to Combine
by: Michael Erman, Reuters
Nov 21, 2016

» The High-Risk Financing Behind the Dakota Access Pipeline: A Potential Stranded Asset in the Bakken Region of North Dakota (PDF)
by: Kathy Kunzel & Clark Williams-Derry, Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis
November 21, 2016

» Standing Rock protest: hundreds clash with police over Dakota Access Pipeline
by: Julia Carrie Wong, the Guardian
November 21, 2016

» Police Attack Unarmed Water Protectors w/ Rubber Bullets, Tear Gas, and Water Cannons; 300+ injured
Unicorn Riot Media
November 21, 2016

» Don’t Be Passive Observers of Last Night’s Terrorization in Standing Rock: Here’s What You Can Do
by: Kelly Hayes, Transformative Spaces | Op-Ed, truth-out.org
November 21, 2016

» IEEFA questions DAPL finances, economics
by: Anthony Humes, KFYR-TV
November 21, 2016

» Norway’s Largest Bank Sells Assets in Dakota Access Pipeline Company
Democracy Now
Nov 18, 2016

» Army Corps Withholds Final Dakota Access Pipeline Permit, Will Consult Further With Standing Rock Tribe
by: Mark Hefflinger, Bold Alliance
November 14, 2016

» The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s Litigation on the Dakota Access Pipeline
Earthjustice FAQ
November 14, 2016

» Concrete Truck Driver Drives into a Crowd of Water Protectors & Fires Seven Shots into Air
by: Levi Rickert,  Native News Online
November 13, 2016

» 2 Police Officers Turn In Badges In Support Of Standing Rock Water Protectors
by: M. David for Counter Current News
November 4, 2016

» Dakota Access pipeline: the who, what and why of the Standing Rock protests
by Sam Levin, the Guardian
November 3, 2017

» The Standing Rock Victory You Didn’t Hear About
by: Desiree Kane, yes! magazine
November 3, 2016

» ‘Pray’: Armed Police Descend on Water Protectors at DAPL SiteHundreds of water protectors attempted to cross footbridges built over Cantapeta Creek to reach construction area
by: Nadia Prupis, Common Dreams
November 2, 2016

» Standing Rock: Obama suggests ‘reroute’ of Dakota pipeline being investigated
by: Sam Levin, The Guardian
November 2, 2016

» Feisty Tough as Nails Farmer Fighting Pipeline by Allowing Protesters to Camp on her Farm Land
by: Michael DaSilva, WHOtv, Channel 13
November 1, 2016

» How to Contact the People Who Sent Militarized Police to Standing Rock
by: Emily Fuller, yes! magazine
Oct 31, 2016

» Thousands Of Buffalo Appear At Site Of Standing Rock Protest
by: Amanda Froelich, True Activist
October 28, 2016

» What to Know About the Dakota Access Pipeline Protests
Justin Worland, Time Magazine
October 28, 2016

» Indigenous Youth Occupy Hillary Clinton Campaign Headquarters to Demand She Take Stand on #DAPL
Democracy Now
October 28, 2016

» Police from 5 States Escalate Violence, Shoot Horses to Clear 1851 Treaty Camp
Camp of the Sacred Stones
October 28, 2016

» Desecration, Mace and Police Snipers With Rifles at DAPL Front Lines
by: Sarah Sunshine Manning, Indian Country Today
October 27, 2016

» Dakota Access Pipeline: Authorities Start Arresting Protesters in New Camp
by: Daniella Silva and The Associated Press, NBC News
October 27, 2016

» Sheriff’s Office Removes Protesters From Dakota Access Pipeline Site
by: Michael McLaughlin, The Huffington Post
October 27, 2016

» Bracing for Winter: DAPL Water Protectors Shuck Corn, Build Shelter, Prepare for –35 Temps
by: Mary Annette Pember, Indian Country Today
October 27, 2016

» Dakota Access Pipeline fight a product of ignored rights
by: Jerry Large, Seattle Times
October 26, 2016

» Amy Goodman on Why the North Dakota Pipeline Standoff Is Only Getting Worse
by: David Marchese, New York Magazine
October 25, 2016

» Citing 1851 Treaty, Water Protectors Establish Road Blockade and Expand Frontline #NoDAPL Camp
Sacred Stone Camp.org
October 23, 2016

» Drone shot, road reopens at Dakota Access Pipeline protest
by: Ralph Ellis and Emanuella Grinberg, CNN
October 23, 2016

» Sheriff’s Department Letter regarding the drone shootings

» Actual drone video

» Human Rights Abuses Escalate at DAPL Prayer Services in North Dakota
by: Georgianne Nienaber, Huffington Post
October 22, 2016

» Dakota Access Pipeline protest update
by: Joy-Ann Reid, AM Joy, MSNBC
October 22, 2016

» 83 arrested at Dakota Access Pipeline protest
by: Ralph Ellis, CNN
October 22, 2016

» Standing Rock Native’s Progressive Push For Congress
by: Jordan Chariton, TYT Politics
Oct 21, 2016

» Fang activists shut down TD Bank in PVD over Dakota Access Pipeline project
by: Bob Plain, RI Future
October 20, 2016

» Who’s Digging in on the Dakota Access Pipeline?
by: Seth Gladstone, Food and Water Watch
October 17, 2016

» 27 arrested at Dakota Access pipeline construction site Monday
by: KFYR-TV,
October 10, 2016

» U.S. Court of Appeals Rules against Standing Rock Tribe in Dakota Access Pipeline Case
by: Levi Rickert, Native News Online
October 9, 2016

» Military-Style Raid Ends Native Prayer Against Dakota Pipeline: Up to 21 people were arrested during a peaceful prayer service
September 28, 2016

» Standing Rock Breaking News: Surrounded by Police
September 28, 2016

» Caravan of Water Protectors Stops Work at DAPL Site
Unicorn Riot
September 28, 2016

» Appeals court freezes construction in contested area
by: Ellen M. Gilmer, E&E reporter
September 16, 2016

» “Dakota Access Construction Will Continue” In Spite of White House “Suggestion” — Pipeline Corp CEO Vows
by: Counter Current News Editorial Team
September 15, 2016

September 13, 2016
While hundreds of solidarity vigils were held across the country (and some overseas), this was what was happening at the Standing Rock construction site.

» Standing Rock Sioux Tribe appeals judge’s ruling, seeks new injunction
by: AMY DALRYMPLE, Forum News Service, Billings Gazette
September 10, 2016

» Erased By False Victory: Obama Hasn’t Stopped DAPL
by: Kelly Hayes, Transformative Spaces
September 10, 2016

» Breaking: Arrest Warrant Issued For Amy Goodman in North Dakota After Covering Pipeline Protest
Democracy Now
September 10, 2016

» Moments After Judge Denies DAPL Injunction, Federal Agencies Intervene
by: Valerie Taliman, West Coast Editor, Indian Country Today
September 9, 2016

» Sanders offers amendment to require environmental statement for DAPL
by: Jenny Schlecht, Bismarck Tribune
September 9, 2016

» National Guard to provide administrative support, traffic control for the DAPL protest
by: Dave Thompson, Prarie Public News
September 8, 2016

» ND Governor Activates National Guard Ahead of Friday’s Pipeline Ruling
Democracy Now, September 08, 2016

» Sacred Burial Grounds Destroyed, Judge Halts Construction on Portion of Dakota Access Pipeline
by: DeSmogBlog
September 7, 2016

» Who’s Banking on the Dakota Access Pipeline?
by: Jo Miles & Hugh MacMillan, Food and Water Watch
September 6, 2016

» Judge Temporarily Halts DAPL Construction on Select Land but Not on Desecrated Area
by: Valerie Taliman, West Coast Editor, Indian Country Today
September 6, 2016

» A Pipeline Fight and America’s Dark Past
by: Bill McKibben, The New Yorker
September 6, 2016

» Tribal leaders: Protesters of North Dakota pipeline pepper sprayed, bitten by dogs
by: KFOR-TV & K. Querry
September 5, 2016

» Northampton protesters pledge solidarity with Standing Rock pipeline resistance in North Dakota
by: Mary Serreze | Special to The Republican
September 05, 2016

» VIDEO: Dakota Access Pipeline Company Attacks Native American Protesters with Dogs and Pepper Spray
Democracy Now
September 04, 2016

» Guards accused of unleashing dogs, pepper-spraying oil pipeline protesters
CBS News
September 5, 2016

» Water Protectors Lock to Equipment Halting Dakota Access Construction
by: Stop Dirty Tar Sands
September 1, 2016

» There’s a new mega-pipeline in town. Here’s why it has so many protesters in the trenches.
by: Xian Chiang-Waren, Grist.org
August 24, 2016

» The Pipeline’s Approved – Environmentalists are Angry.
by: Marita Noon, The Heartland Institute
August 9, 2016