CT Expansion News


» The Pipeline Approval Situation: Mass AG Caves, but now Tribes, Water Regs in the Way
Sandisfield Times
January / February 2017

» CT Expansion: Tennessee Gas pipeline may ‘bulldoze’ sacred Native American sites
By Heather Bellow, the Berkshire Edge
January 5, 2017

» Letter: Allies against pipeline in Otis State forest
by Melinda Tuhus and Ben Martin, Berkshire Eagle
January 4, 2017

» Environmental Officials Concerned About State’s Settlement With Pipeline Co.
by: Richie Davis, The Recorder (Greenfield, MA)
January 2, 2017

» Massachusetts Deal Removes Hurdle to Gas Pipeline in Connecticut
by: Gregory B Hladky, Hartford Courant
December 30, 2016

» Tennessee Gas agrees to pay state for pipeline expansion
December 30, 2016

» Massachusetts Settles Dispute With Kinder Morgan Over Pipeline Proposal
by Sam Hudzik, NEPR
December 29, 2016

» Tennessee Gas agrees to pay state $640,000 for pipeline easement through Otis State Forest
by Mary Serreze, MassLive / Republican
December 29, 2016

» $1.2 million settlement clears a hurdle for Tennessee Gas’ Sandisfield pipeline
by Clarence Fanto, Special to The Eagle
December 29, 2016

» Pipeline giant backstabs Sandisfield but faces potentially fatal delays to project
By Heather Bellow, Berkshire Edge
November 28, 2016

» Legal logjam delays Tennessee Gas Pipeline project into 2017
by Clarence Fanto, Berkshire Eagle
October 5, 2016

» Berkshire County natural gas pipeline tangled in legal challenges
by Mary Serreze, MassLive / Springfield Republican
October 4, 2016

» “Unnatural Gas”
by Larry Parnass, Preview Massachusetts Magazine
September 2016

»Protesters rally against Kinder Morgan’s pipeline through Otis State Forest
Heather Bellow, The Berkshire Edge, July 17, 2016

» Saturday Rallies Against Pipeline Planned In Berkshire County
By Jim Levulis, WAMC Radio, July 15, 2016

» Pipeline Project Receives Permits, Opponents Weigh Options
Jim Levulis, WAMC Radio, July 7, 2016

» Oral arguments heard in landmark Berkshire County pipeline case
By Mary Serreze, MassLive, April 16, 2016

» Pipeline showdown in Berkshire court
By RICHIE DAVIS, Daily Hampshire Gazette, April 16, 2016

» MassDEP: Kinder Morgan misled FERC in bid to cut state forest trees for Berkshire County pipeline
By Mary Serreze, MassLive, April 15, 2016

» Landmark gas pipeline case to be heard in Berkshire Superior Court on Friday
By Mary Serreze, MassLive, April 15, 2016

» Court airs pipeline Article 97 case
By RICHIE DAVIS, The Recorder, April 15, 2016

The Berkshire Eagle
State, Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. to meet in Berkshire Superior Court over Sandisfield pipeline spur
By Clarence Fanto, April 13, 2016

Elizabeth Warren: No spring tree-cutting for Berkshire County gas pipeline
By Mary Serreze, April 12, 2016

» Warren opposes pipeline tree cutting
Greenfield Recorder, April 12, 2016

The Berkshire Eagle
Speakers oppose Kinder Morgan’s request to take land for pipeline
By Phil Demers, March 29, 2016

» FERC to Tennessee Gas: no immediate tree cutting for Berkshire County pipeline
Mary Serreze, Springfield Republican, March 28, 2016

The Recorder
AG plans to file in Berkshire pipeline case

By RICHIE DAVIS, March 23, 2016

» AG Healey to contest Kinder Morgan’s bid to start cutting trees in Sandisfield
Berkshire Eagle, March 21, 2016

» Pipeline lawsuit seen as key test of state law
By Richie Davis, Daily Hampshire Gazette, March 19, 2016

» Berkshire Activists, Lawmaker Seek to Block FERC Approved Pipeline
WAMC, March 18, 2016

»Pipeline lawsuit called ‘aggressive,’ precedent-setting
Greenfield Recorder, March 18, 2016

»Tennessee Gas Pipeline sues Massachusetts for easement through Otis State Forest
MassLive, March 18, 2016

» Kinder Morgan’s ‘Connecticut Expansion’ pipeline project wins federal approval
By Mary Serreze, MassLive. March 18, 2016

» Tennessee Gas Co. wants Court’s o.k. to start cutting trees for Sandisfield spur of pipeline
Berkshire Eagle, March 17, 2016

» Beacon Hill hearing on bill to site natural gas pipeline through Otis State Forest draws crowd
Mary Serreze, MassLive, November 10, 2015

» Berkshire Lawmakers And Environmental Advocates Balk At Bill To Allow Pipeline
By Jim Levulis, WAMC Radio, Jul 30, 2015

» More info. on Bill H. 3690