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SUGGESTIONS FOR ACTION – Pick one or many!
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— There are several bills propose in the Massachusetts Legislature that are clean energy and regulatory-positive.
» Call today to support these bills!

— One of the few remaining obstacles to the construction of the CT Expansion pipeline remains the appeals of the MA 401 Water Quality Certificate by the Pipe Line Awareness Network for New England (PLAN-NE) in state and federal court.
» Please contribute to this effort

TGP has requested permission from FERC to cut trees for all segments of CT Expansion (CT, MA & NY). There are a few reasons why this request is premature.
» Please comment on the docket today!

Comment on the FERC  docket (#CP14-529) about Kinder Morgan / Tennessee Gas’ plans for Native American Ceremonial Stone Landscapes found along the pipeline route in Sandisfield.
» Read more about the issue and how you can comment

Attend the Hearing on the Settlement at Berkshire County Superior Court on February 6, 2017
Print 1/4 page flyer for this event

Contact Attorney General Maura Healey’s office to voice complaints / disappointment over the settlement.
» Read the Atty General’s statement

Contact Governor Baker: In light of the state settlement with Kinder Morgan for easement for the pipeline through Otis State Forest, Mothers Out Front wrote a compelling message for people to send to Gov. Baker
» See the message and send it with Gov. Baker today!

Tell your CT friends, relatives and colleagues that their CES (see info) can kill the need for the CT Expansion pipeline!

If you’re in the Sandisfield area, contact the local pipeline opposition group, S.T.O.P. (Sandisfield Taxpayers Oppose the Pipeline)

Sandisfield Conservation Commission
**Kinder Morgan has asked to be on the agenda for the upcoming Feb. 28 meeting
There are still outstanding issues with the Order of Conditions with the Conservation Commission. A representative for Kinder Morgan will be attending the next Sandisfield Conservation Commission meeting as they are on the agenda to discuss the CT Expansion pipeline project. KM has renewed its request to FERC for a Limited Notice to Proceed with tree felling in Sandisfield/Otis State Forest as they appear to be anxious to complete tree felling before March 31st, during the “environmentally preferred window” related to migratory birds. In their most recent Biweekly Status Report, they again claimed to have “received all federal permits needed for tree felling.” That’s not quite true. Your presence at the meeting this month will let the company know that the people of Massachusetts will not just step aside for this pipeline. Public comments are not allowed. There is no need to speak, though. It is people showing up to listen and witness that is really needed.
Town Offices
66 Sandisfield Rd. (Rte. 57)
Sandisfield, MA
» See Order of Conditions

To check each month to see if Kinder Morgan  is on the agenda, contact Clare at – 413-258-4901

If anyone wants to write to the commission, their mailing address is:
Sandisfield Conservation Commission
PO Box 663
Sandisfield, MA 01255

You can erase the “need” for CT Expansion.
Contact your State Legislators and ask them to press for a change of focus for the 2016 CES to erase the need for CT Expansion.
Instead of pressing for conversion to natural gas heat, the CES should provide for:
— increased energy efficiency
— conversion to electric mini-split cold weather heat pumps
removal of any caps on solar, incentives for home solar
» See more information
» See’s statement on the CES for comment ideas



In W. Roxbury!
Please come #StandWithMary. Demonstrate your anger and outrage over a project that no one wants and we don’t need. Our consistent, regular presence is a reminder of our determined opposition to this dangerous pipeline.  We invite all who support our frontline challenge to join us. Extra signs available!  Pledge to vigil with

Check our Events Page for days and times of vigils.

For more information contact: or visit

Subscribe to FERC Dockets to keep up with these projects under consideration:
#PF16-1 for Access Northeast
#CP16-9 for Atlantic Bridge

» Click e-Register on this page, fill out the form, then subscribe. Anything filed on the docket after you subscribe will be delivered to your inbox. It’s free and VERY informative.


» Help Standing Rock Directly
Camp of the Sacred Stones No DAPL Solidarity site

» Boycott banks that finance the Dakota Access Pipeline

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• Spread the word!
Write OpEds or Letters to the Editor about the pipeline issue.  This especially important to counter inaccurate or one-sided reports you may see, but writing about the pipeline issue preemptively is a good way to bring the subject to the general public.

— Talk to your neighbors and friends about pipeline projects near you and let them know why they’re of concern

— Talk to your local selectboard, planning board, conservation commission about what their plans are or what you think they should be.  Even if your town isn’t affected by fossil fuel infrastructure expansion, consider creating a 100% Renewables plant for your town (more info coming soon!), becoming a Green Community, or organizing to participate in the Solarize Mass program

— Talk to your State Legislators
Here are links to the major Massachusetts Legislative Committees who would have sway over these issues. These would be key people to contact first, but definitely feel free to contact more:
» Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy
» Joint Committee on Ways and Means
Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture

Consider spending some time at the State House.
Nothing beats an actual person talking to you about the issues. Consider making an appointment with either your own Legislators, or with some on the Committees show above to talk to them about your concerns and present some of the evidence for why more fossil fuel expansion is the wrong direction.

— In Your Own Home or Business
• Contact MassSAVE for a free home energy audit.  Find out where you can improve your energy efficiency and what incentive programs and rebates you qualify for.

• Talk to a nearby rooftop or small-scale wind energy provider about systems you could use to generate your own clean energy.  If you’re not sure where to find someone, NESEA’s Sustainable Green Pages could be a good place to start.

• If your own energy system isn’t an option, consider adding New England Green Start to your utility account.  For pennies more per KWh, you can ensure that the amount of energy you use is purchased by your utility company from clean energy sources.


DONATE  to help keep our efforts moving and expanding!

» Help other communities fighting similar battles against fossil fuel infrastructure expansion across the country

— Get behind solutions!
• Encourage your State Reps. and the Governor to focus on energy efficiency as a way to close the energy gap, not bringing in more fossil fuels to feed existing and fire up more leaky gas-fired plants.

• Support solar, wind, micro-wind, energy efficiency and conservation measures.