CT Legislation to support!

From Connecticut Chapter Chair, Sierra Club:
Several bills
 that could determine Connecticut’s energy future are before the state legislature.

Efficiency and clean energy have created tens of thousands of jobs in Connecticut, but some of those jobs are at risk if the legislature doesn’t act to build upon Connecticut’s successful clean energy policies. Instead, we could be stuck paying higher bills for more dirty and dangerous energy.  

On February 7th the Legislature’s Energy and Technology Committee held a hearing to consider a critical bill to continue and increase the state’s renewable energy requirements after 2020, Senate Bill 630. What wasn’t discussed was a bill to end ratepayer subsidies for more gas and pollution, known as House Bill 6546. The legislature is faced with the choice to invest in a clean energy economy or more dirty fuels and they need to hear from you today!

Contact Sen. Kevin Witkos and Rep. Brian Ohler today, and ask them to help lower energy costs and deliver more clean energy jobs by supporting both Senate Bill 630 and House Bill 6546. 

In 2016, the state’s renewable energy requirements led to contracts for new solar projects across the state in and near Brooklyn, Canterbury, Colebrook, Enfield, Litchfield, New Milford, North Haven, North Stonington, Plainfield, Pomfret, Preston, Simsbury, Somers, Stonington, Wallingford, and Waterford, reducing carbon pollution and generating affordable clean energy, new jobs, and revenues for local communities. But those requirements don’t increase after 2020.  

If our legislators don’t continue supporting clean energy, we’ll be stuck paying higher bills for dirty energy like gas, instead of investing in cleaner air and more wind and solar in New England. We’ve already subsidized new gas conversions and pipelines, and that needs to end.  

Your representatives need to hear from you: send a message to them today in support of clean energy and reducing carbon pollution. 

Legislators also discussed other bills that could subsidize the unreliable Millstone nuclear plant (Senate Bill 106) and limit solar power (Senate Bill 412). Be sure to let your officials know that we need more clean energy from wind and solar power to avoid the worst impacts of climate disruption, not unnecessary restrictions or last century’s outdated technology.  

Thanks for all you do for the environment and your communities! 

Martha Klein
Connecticut Chapter Chair
Sierra Club