DAPL easement approved

Video dispatches from Linda Black Elk of the Standing Rock Medic Council and Chase Iron Eyes of the Lakota People’s Law Project, announcing that the easement has been granted, regardless of the call for the EIS. Official announcement expected soon and . Confirmation posted below.

Linda Black Elk video announcement – 3:20 EST, 2/7/17

Chase Iron Eyes’ 2/7/2017 statement on the easement approval

Dallas Goldtooth – Indigenous Environmental Network

Call to action. Actions at Army Corp offices on 2/8/17, and ongoing from wherever you are. 140,000 comments on the EIS are being disregarded.
» EveryDayOfAction.org to see what’s on the slate for actions in coming weeks / months

» Dept of Army Announces Intent to Grant DAPL Easement!
Posted by IndigenousRising.org
Feb 7, 2017

Today, the Department of Army send a notice of intent to grant the final easement to Dakota Access pipeline to cross Lake Oahe, also known as the Missouri River.

The letter also states the Department of Army has waived its policy to wait 14 days after Congressional notification before granting an easement. It states an actual easement will be granted no sooner than 24 hours of the letter’s delivery.

» You can read the letter here.